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KALLERIANS High Quality Hand Dryers from the Leading Hand Dryer models. We sale our Hand dryers in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, Pondicherry, Kerala, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and Gujarath Gandhi Nagar.We have branch and installation felicities to these Indian metropolitan cities for our all model hand dryers.

KALLERIANS import and distribute a wide range of state-of-the-art European engineered and manufactured hand dryers to suit a wide variety of environments in the Indian market like hotels, restuarants, industrial washrooms, Information technology parks, software/ IT industry, marriage halls, shopping malls. KALLERIANS hand dryers are designed by leading laboratories in Europe to ensure the highest level of quality, reliability and energy efficiency.

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KALLERIANS With It’s years of experience within the washroom industry, we have gathered a lot of knowledge about hand dryers. Some common washroom complaints stem from hand towel and paper towel usage in the restroom. Installing a hand dryer can be the solution you’ve been looking for!.

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Go Green with Our KALLERIANS Line Hand Dryers

From our Abs hand dryers, Stainless Steel hand dryers, High speed hand dryers, jet hand dryers through to Environmentally Friendly hand dryers, we produce hand dryers to provide the reliability and quality required for a durable product.

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Environmentally Friendly Hand Dryers

Many electric hand dryers have energy efficient features like High speed airflow., Reduced wattage of the heating element, Smart motor and air stream design, Hand dryers offer users a low maintenance alternative to paper consumption and wastage, a common problem in many washrooms.Save upto 90% of running costs using the latest technology.

Hand Dryers more eco friendly and cost effective than Paper Towels?

The first case study we came across went into detail with regards to the number of paper towels used per month, how many deliveries were received per month, delivery van costs including fuel costs and carbon footprint, original warehousing costs as well as manufacturing costs and so on. To say least it was micro analysis. They based their calculation over the period of one year.

The hand dryer went under the same micro analysis from manufacturing to installation and then usage costs over a one year period. Their findings concluded that the hand dryer is just short of three times more eco friendly producing one third of the CO2 compared to using paper towels.

Our next survey concluded the following: They claim that 90% cost saving over the use of paper towels. They state that the energy required to operate a hand dryer is less than 10% that of the cost of using paper towels. Cost take into account where appropriate staff servicing, stock, stock storage and administration, waste management and laundry. Source: IP Institute

They claim that hand dryers save money and the environment. They claim 24 trees are saved in the lifetime of a hand dryer. They claim that one ton of paper production requires the consumption of 17 trees. They claim that 35% of landfill is paper towels. They claim the benefits are: No waste management services required, No storage or administration costs, No staff required for servicing, No change or replacement towels required. They claim hand dryers are available 24 hours a day. Maintenance free, Germ free and no contact required.

The next case study was a lengthy one and we have condensed showing only a summary of the claimed results. If you take a hand dryer over its lifetime they claim that it has a global warming burden of 1.6 tons of CO2, they compare this to an equivalent burden of a car traveling a distance of 5100km or 3161 miles. Comparing this over the same period paper towels would result in an average burden of 4.6 tons of CO2.

The study goes on to conclude that the paper towels have double the global warming effect of a hand dryer. Bathroom hand dryers


KALLERIANS High speed hand dryers are delighted to offer a energy efficient, high speed hand dryer using advanced blade technology.Hand dryers in Chennai, Fast Drying Hand dryer model of kallerians hand dryers-KALLERIANS KH012SS famous hand dryer model price in Chennai


Comparison of KALLERIANS Hand Dryer with Paper Dispenser.

Automatic hand dryers are eco-friendly. Using automatic hand dryer instead of a paper towel dispenser, will save millions of trees with one small gesture. Beyond saving trees, you will actually use less energy to dry your hands with an automatic hand dryer than it is necessary to produce the equivalent amount of paper towels.

Normally hand dryers consuming high power (electricity) will dry hands in less time. So hand dryer usage by persons naturally increases, simultaneously reducing the electricity consumption.

For example – Kallerians Automatic ABS Hand Dryer. If you are using 1650 watt hand dryer, will dry your hands in 25 – 30 seconds, whereas 2200 watt hand dryer will dry your hands in 20 seconds.

Calculation of Hand Dryer power consumption Usage of persons.

Drying time – 30 seconds 1650 watts – around 120 persons / hour. power consumed / hour – 1.65 watts. Drying time – 20 seconds 2200 watts – around 180 persons / hour. power consumed / hour – 2.2 watt.

So the extra 60 persons have consumed only .55 watts. the person who chooses 1650 watts – 0.0137 unit power consumption per head. the person who chooses 2200 watts – 0.0122 unit power consumption per head. The latest technology of Jet Hand Dryers

It is completely technologically integrated new generation of hand dryers. It consumes low power – 850 watts , and dries hands in amazing fast 7 seconds. The technology behind these jet hand dryer is high speed jet of air that swipes your hands clean within few seconds and dries your hands. So based on the previous calculations Jet Hand Dryers consumes 0.00165 units per head. Here it is retaining the buying cost of jet hand dryer .

Paper Dispensers Versus Jet Hand Dryer. Office room – 100 heads. Jumbo Roll Tissue used – 2 Rolls per day. price of Jumbo Roll – Rs 420 x 2 Nos = 840 + vat + transport + purchasing cost , etc. (Purcase, Transport happens for every pruchase) Jet Hand Dryer Cost – Rs 49,000 + vat. (single purchase). Usage Calculation taken for 2 months Paper Tissues – Jumbo roll – 840(per Day) X 60 days = 50, 400 Rupees. Jet Hand Dryer – Power Consumption – 0.495 units per day if 100 head are using the hand dryer 3 times a day. So for 60 days total units used is 29.7. 29.7 unis x 7 Rupees / unit = 208 Rupees. So you are retaining Jet Hand Dryer buying capital within 2 months usage cost of paper tissues. On the other side you are saving the environment by reducing deforestation and global warming.