Mounting Methods of Air curtain

flame proof air curtains Air Curtain Mounting Methods

KALLERIANS Air Curtain, Air curtain fans and Industrial Air curtain Doors can be mounted and installed on almost every application. KALLERIANS most commonly uses wall mounting, which consists of fastening the air curtain directly to the wall and other common mounting method is ceiling mounting, which consists of using a threaded rod to hang the air curtain from the ceiling. These two mounting method we install Air curtains in horizontal mount using brackets and the air flow will be from top to bottom in a vertical direction.

We KALLERIANS mounting air curtains around rolling Shutters and industrial loading dock doors, gliding wall, And partition with no supportive structures, for those applications we recommend projection brackets,  which is used to mount the air curtain in front of the door and outside of the door tracks. For situations where the air curtain or air door needs to be extended outside of the door tracks.

KALLERIANS also handle various situations where an air curtain cannot be mounted horizontally due to lack of mounting space, air curtains can be mounted vertically to the ground with the air blowing across the opening in order to meet and gain the essential purpose of air curtains and air door curtains.

KALLERIANS Air Curtain Activation Switches/LIMIT SWTICHES KALLERIANS offers the widest variety of air curtain and air door activation options in the air curtain industry. Some of the most common activation options include –

KALLERIANS Automatic SENSOR AIR CURTAINS(Micro SENSOR Switch): This air curtains are sensor inbuilt air curtains that can be mounted on any door industrial/commercial door tracks to make the air curtain automatically turn on when a door opens.

KALLERIANS Remote operated Air curtains: This Air curtains allows the user to switch to “auto” allowing the air curtain to run automatically in conjunction with their existing door, or to turn the unit manually on or off. Remote Mounted Speed Selector Switch: Available for multiple speed air curtains, these switches give the user the ability to control air velocity.

KALLERIANS Magnetic Read Automatic Door Switch: This magnetic activation switch allows the air curtain to automatically turn on when a swinging door or roll-up door is opened. This air curtain switch is available in either a commercial or industrial model.

Air Curtain Mounting Options

kallerians aircurtain mounting options

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