PVC Strip Curtains

PVC Strip Curtains are available for Insect Control, Dust Control, Birds Control and Climatic Control, special PVC Curtains for Cold storage and Freezer Rooms, Fire retardant PVC strip curtains and Screens for welding booths and metal grinding areas, Anti-static curtains for protection of server rooms and electronic components.

Jet Hand Dryer

Hand Dryers

Kallerians Importers and Suppliers of Bathroom hand dryers, Stainless Steel hand dryers and Heavy Duty fast drying hand dryers and Jet hand dryers. We also provide ABS plastic hand dryers, SS hand dryers and Aluminium Casting hand dryers.

Air Curtains

Air Curtains

Kallerians manufacturers of all type of Air Curtains for Commercial and Industrial applications. We cater to major industries like pharmaceuticals, clean rooms, electrical and electronic industries, automobile industries, pickle processing, gherkins, drinking water plants and food processing industries.

Types: Commerical Air Curtains, Industrial Air Curtains, Stainless Steel Air Curtains, Insect Barrier Air Curtains and flame proof Air Curtains.

Industrial Air Curtains

 Shoe shining machine

Shoe Polishing Machine

Kallerians manufacturers of Shoe polishing machines and Shoe Sole Cleaning machine for Clean rooms and Industrial Applications, available in automatic, stainless steel and brass top models.

 Insect Killer

Insect Killer

Kallerians Manufacturer of Insect killers, Glue Board Fly killers, for controlling insects and means.

 Soap Dispensers

Soap Dispensers

Kallerians Importers and Suppliers of Soap Dispensers, Automatic Soap Dispensers, Hand sanitizer spray, Stainless Steel Soap dispensers for hotels, restaurants, malls, IT corridors and general industrial applications.

Soap Dispenser Models

 Perfume Dispenser

Perfume Dispensers

Kallerians Importers and Suppliers of Perfume Dispensers like automatic day/night sensor fitted machines, with digital display.

Perfume Dispensers

 paper towel dispenser

Paper Towel Dispenser

Kallerians Importers and Suppliers of Automatic and Manual Paper Towel Dispensers, center pull dispensers with ABS plastic and Stainless Steel body.

 jumbo roll dispenser

Jumbo Roll Dispenser

Kallerians Importers and Suppliers of Jumbo Roll Dispensers and Toilet Roll Holders.

 hygiene bathroom consumables

Bathroom Hygiene Consumables

Kallerians also supplies Tissue rolls, soap dispenser refills and liquid Soap and perfume refill cans.