Transparent PVC Strip Curtains

Transparent PVC Strip Curtains

Transparent PVC Strip Curtains are highly recommended curtain doors for all industrial sectors like electrical industry, electronic industry, Warehouse, logistics, storage, cold rooms, freezer rooms. Our Clear Transparent PVC Strip Curtains are super clear in Transparency and incomparable quality in the market, especially in India our super clear PVC name the topper among the same industry flyers. our Transparent PVC Strip Curtains (known in other name) Clear PVC Strip Curtains Will ensure air conditioning control,Dust control, pollution control, heat control, insect control, fly control, temperature control, where you have Unlimited access by Forklifts and Pedestrians. Kallerians clear PVC strip curtains are guarantee solution for Energy Conservation and Increased Efficiency in the workman ship of the manpower.

Transparent PVC strip Curtains in Chennai

Chennai PVC strip curtains suppliers in Cheap price 9841403938 and 9884077323 with food grade quality materials

PVC Strip Curtain.,Transparent PVC Strip Curtains solutions are the most cost-effective solutions to protect your employees & goods from difficult environmental conditions such as heat, cold, noise, dust, humidity, insects and flies

Advantages of KALLERIANS Transparent PVC strip curtains:
  • Strong and Durable – You can expect life time of minimum 10 years
  • Minimizes Maintenance – One time investment for the capital
  • Reduces Hot or Cold Air Loss -it is definite your money return the way of saving
  • Restricts Movement of Air Pollutants -hygienic environment ensures
  • Transparency Promotes Safety – And lighting as well
  • Provides Bird and Flying Insect Control – clean/ trouble free environment
  • Isolates Noisy Machinery – Reducing the noise pollution in the working environment
  • Increases Employee Comfort -Thus productivity increase
  • Easy to Install -Kallerians clear pvc strip curtains are available as per the required size and thickness.
  • Pedestrian doorways, Loading bays, Cold rooms and cold storages, Welding bays, Paint and wash Bays, Food preparation areas, Automotive industry, Gherkins, Fruit pulp processing, Coffee manufacturing plants, Pickle industry..
Features of our KALLERIANS Transparent PVC strip curtains:
  • It is 100% transparent and super clear with no colour, U.V.Stabilized and without blue tint.
  • Molded edges of the each side is safe for the Man movement, avoid tear/scratches
Insect Amber PVC strip curtains in Chennai Suppliers Standard PVC Strip Curtains, clear PVC strip Curtains, transparent PVC strip curtains available sizes:
  • 2mm x 200mm x 50m
  • 3mm x 200mm x 50m
  • 2mm x 300mm x 50m
  • 3mm x 300mm x 50m
  • 4mm x 300mm x 50m