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Air curtain is an electrical appliance usually used to separate two different temperature environments. When a temperature controlled room is frequently accessed by opening the door a significant amount of cold or hot air is lost. This usually spikes up the overall consumption of electricity used for cooling or heating the interior of a room or building. It is usually mounted over top of the door, which produces a high velocity air stream blowing from top to bottom, which acts as a barrier preventing the air escaping from inside or outside.

Air curtains or air doors are built with different mounting preferences, and a variety of accessories to fit the air curtains based on customer requirements.  Air curtains with heating options include electric, steam, or hot water coils and gas fired duct furnaces. Air doors are selected according to the height of the door. Air curtains not only preserves the controlled environment, but it reduces  energy costs spent on air conditioning. An air (non-heated) air curtains are often used in conjunction with cold storages and refrigerated rooms. Airflow through a door depends on wind forces, temperature differences and pressure differences.

Advantages of air curtains.

  •     It reduce energy consumption and costs by 70%
  •     Acts as a air barrier keeping the environment hygienic by preventing dust, insects and pollutants.
  •     Keeps you comfortable 100% by maintaining the interior temperature at required level.
  •     All heating options like gas, steam and electric are available according to your heating requirements.
  •     Wind stopping capability of 30 miles per hour.
  •     Controls temperature efficiently by 80 to 90%
  •     Easy to install, easy to handle and maintain.

Air curtains balances temperature,  reduces energy loss, maintains hygiene and sanitation level, prevents dust, insects and all types of pollutants. Air curtains has unique cross flow / radial flow fan made of 316, 304 grade Stainless Steel or Aluminium or ABS which provides an effective, amply sized powerful air door. If installed at the doorway of a precision machinery factory, or a food or clothing store near high traffic areas, keeps dirt and dust outside, protecting the merchandise at an efficiency level of 70%.

Why do you need to buy from us?

KALLERIANS Air curtains in Chennai India, provides air deflection louvers that easily adjusts airflow direction and double end sealed ball bearings that gives an absolute noiseless operation. Our air curtains comes in attractive designs and colours to enhance the infra structure in any location. Air curtains are the only technical solution for open doors and has been proved as the part of GMP standards, FDA, ISI in Food Industry and Pharmaceuticals Industries.

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