Stainless steel Air Curtains Suppliers


Kallerians Stainless steel Air curtains are available in High velocity Air curtains Models/ Extra High Velocity Air Curtains Models /Turbo Air curtains Models /Insect Barrier Air curtains Model .

Kallerians Air Curtains are available in Single phase /Three Phase  and Flame Proof. Kallerians Air curtains are manufactured under different air pressure from 10 m/sec  to 24 m/sec .Available in  1/3 hp/1/2hp/1/4hp and 1hp motor with 1440 rpm

KALLERIANS Blowers shall be of Dynamically balanced ABS Blowers/304 Stainless steel Blowers Application Areas:
  • Food processing Industry
  • Poultry Industries
  • Meat Processing Industry
  • Prawn culture
  • Fisheries
  • Semi cooked food Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Bulk Drug Manufacturing
Sr. Size 3Feet /4 Feet/5 Feet/6Feet
1 Model Heavy duty Industrial /Stainless steel Air curtains
2 Available size  Tailor made
  Requirement As per door sizes
3 Velocity 22-24 m/sec
4 Suitable door height                      12 to13 feet
5 No. of Motors 1
6 Motor HP 1hp
7 Motor RPM 1440
8 Motor Phase 3phase
9 Motor type F-class
10 Motor protection Flame Proof /Three phase
11 Plug Point required STARTER REQUIRED
12 Construction of Casing CRCA POWDER COATED/Stainless Steel Hand dryer /Flame Proof
13 Impeller/ Blower SS BLOWER /ABS BLOWER
14 Louver & Grill CRCA POWDER COATED /Stainless Steel
15 Air outlet area 75mm
16 Air Suction area 195mm
17 Fixing details Manual attached
18 Noise Level <79dBs
19 Type of Bearings  Ball Bearings

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