Sensor Soap Dispenser

KALLERIANS offers high quality Soap Dispenser to suit every washroom needs, from our industrial experience, we sell variety of collection and sure you will find something special that will look flawless in your washroom. Our Soap dispenser range will suit every budget for both the domestic user and the heavy commercial, industrial users in every environment. Kallerians range of soap dispensers are available in different sizes to accommodate any size of washroom from as little as 200ml to 1200ml of liquid SOAP, so no matter what size of washroom you have we will provide as best as to match you with the necessary soap dispenser to suit your needs. Our soap dispensers are available in various finishes so if there is a certain look you would like in your washroom call KALLERIANS and we will help you to fulfill your needs, we have our budget range of plastic soap dispensers, for industrial usage we recommend stainless steel chrome  finish soap dispensers that look good and are robust enough to handle the high traffic of commercial washrooms. Also we have luxurious soap dispensers in automatic models / sensor soap dispenser / foam automatic soap dispensers / foam sensor soap dispenser.

Features of automatic soap dispensers

Available models: stainless steel soap dispensers /abs plastic soap dispensers Operation:             Touch-less soap dispenser in Polished Chrome Working:                Battery-operated, no wiring is required alkaline Battery AAA-2NOS


  • Item Code : DC Sensor Soap Dispenser Malaysia
  • Material : ABS
  • Capacity : 900 ml
  • Dimensions : 85 mm(W) x 130mm(L) x 240mm(H)
  • Packing : 12 units per carton
  • Measurement : 530mm x 290mm x 312mm
  • Net weight : 10.5 kg
  • Gross Weight : 11 kg
  • Only 3 alkaline batteries 1.5v are required up to 12000 portions.
  • This model is made up of poly carbonate plastic
  • Can be loaded refills of anti-microbial soap, hair and body shampoo and waterless hand sanitizer.
Special design to resist strong light and avoid oversensitivity Adjustable sensing range and soap output Available in Satin Chrome or Polished Chrome Kallerians invites the suppliers of soap dispensers, dealers of sensor soap dispensers, for distributorship in any parts of Indian cities and we offer wholesale price which doesn’t match with any competitors.

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