PVC Strip Curtains

KALLERIANS, located in Chennai, is the leading technical expert in PVC Strip curtains. We offer a wide range of PVC strips, Pvc strip doors, and practical energy efficient solutions that suits your requirements. We are the leading manufacturers, distributors, suppliers and dealers in Chennai for clear  or transparent pvc strip curtains, polar pvc strip curtains, cold room pvc strip curtains, freezer grade pvc strip curtains, anti static pvc strip curtains, insect amber pvc strip curtains, insect proof pvc strip curtains, anti-insect amber pvc strip curtains, ribbed PVC strip curtains, double ribbed pvc strip curtains, coloured pvc strip curtains, flexible pvc strip curtains, welding screens and pvc strip hanging hardwares. Kallerians is the largest supplier of PVC Strp curtains covering every type of industrial curtain requirements in all major sectors like food processing industries, cold rooms, cold storage units, dairy industries, pickle manufacturing industries ,canteens, kitchens and gherkin plants.

Vinyl Curtains in Chennai PVC strip curtains in Chennai

KALLERIANS is the only company who cares for the environment, and we only provide PVC that is produced according to the environmental and quality safety standards. We provide high grade PVC strip curtains and our PVC strips do not use DOP stabilizers or chemicals that are carcinogenic and hazardous to health, moreover these stabilisers make them impossible to recycle. We also provide free collection and recycling of scrap PVC strips for our clients while upgrading thier PVC strip doors and screens. We emphasize on reducing carbon footprint, conservation of energy and cleaner safer work zones.

Kallerians PVC strip curtains in Chennai India, are well known for their high quality, flexibility, durability to tackle any environmental problem like temperature loss, wind and weather, dust, birds and insects, noise and humidity. In addition, we can also supply industrial grade welding screens to protect you from welding glare, UV radiation and toxic fumes and other hazards. KALLERIANS with extensive knowledge on quality of PVC strip curtains, have built and excellent client relationship in the past decade. We have provided cost calculation, installation support for your every pvc strip curtain needs of our customers.

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