Commercial Air Curtains

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Commercial air curtains or extra high velocity air curtain models are used if the door way is above eight feet and below ten. It blows air at the velocity of 17 m/sec. This model is highly recommended for commercial areas to prevent dust and forms an air barrier to prevent heat transfer and loss of temperature in air conditioned rooms. It is widely used in pharmaceutical interior doorways, electronic components stores, ware house entry, electrical components entry, material entry, chemical plants, cold storage entry, cold room entrance, clean room entrance, water plants, it can be used where insect is not a big problem.

Model No. Power (Watts) Air Velocity (m/s) Air Flow (m3/h) Noise (db) Dimensions (mm)
Kallerians 3ft Air curtain (900mm) 338 300 21 m/s 14 m/s 1398 58 54 900X200X212
Kallerians 4ft Air curtain(1200mm) 470 410 21 m/s 14 m/s 1864 69 55 1200X200X212
Kallerians 5ft Air curtain(1500mm) 573 505 21 m/s 14 m/s 2330 61 58 1500X200X212

Advantages of Commercial Air Curtains

  • Efficient energy saver with a payback period of less than 2 years.
  • protects the controlled environment from loss of cold air or warm air thereby providing comfort for the staffs and customers.
  • acts as an excellent air barrier preventing dust and dirt, insects and airborne pollutants.
  • Increases visibility, provides easy access for people moving in and out of the controlled environment. Thus hesitation to get inside the closed doors at shops, jewellers, textiles are completely eliminated.

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