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Welding PVC strip curtains Suppliers Weld Curtain & Screen Materials

Welding areas can either be separated, individual welding booths or single-curtain work space dividers/partitions. The standard material used for weld curtains and safety screens is highly flame retardant, 0.4mm thick x 1.8m x 50m roll, materials available in yellow, Aztec red, opaque green and transparent orange. It is also resistant to oil, water, and mildew. Based on your project needs, other options of Welding screens may be available for your application. Some of the industrial areas that utilize welding curtains are,

Welding PVC strip curtains Suppliers welding-pvc-strip-curtains-manufacturers-Mumbai
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Auto body Shops
  • Durable Goods Manufacturing
  • Any operation involving metal cutting / welding.

Your application need may require a transparent vinyl curtain to protect from hazards of a welding space without compromising visibility, or an opaque welding curtain that will visually close the area. Kallerians has a welder area dividing solution for your needs.

welding pvc strip curtain Applications of Welding Curtains

Industrial safety welding curtains plays a vital role in eye protection against grinding, sparks, rays, and flash, in welding bays and workshops. Kallerians can provide you transparent, tinted industrial weld screens or opaque welding curtains to separate areas and maintain employee safety, Weld screens not only serves the purpose of protection, but also allow a point of entry and exit from one area to the next. Welding areas can be easily supervised through the transparent safety strip curtains and stay protected from harmful flashes, sparks, and UV rays.

High Temperature Welding Curtains

High temperature industrial welding curtains are used in workshops that are exposed to extreme heat and temperature. Materials resistant to continuous temperatures of up to 1500°F and a short duration temperatures resistance of up to 2000°F are used to fabricate these extreme heat barriers.