Electronic Fly Killer

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Electronic fly-killers are little different from electric fly killers, they do not have transformers, instead power capacitors are used to generate high voltage between grids. And powerful UV lamps are used to attract the flies, while power grids trap the insects. Electronic fly killers are budget range fly killers and it can be used in house interior, small fruit stalls and fish stalls.

More than 120,000 species of flies are found all over the world. Flies live an average of 21 days and take on various shapes throughout their short lives. In that 21 days a single female fly can lay up to 700 eggs, which turn into an adult fly within a week. Flies are usually attracted by ripened or fermenting fruits, meat, fish and vegetables, which results in spreading of bacteria and disease causing agents. Infestation due to flies can be avoided by using Kallerians Fly killer.

Features of Electronic fly killer.

  • High quality power capacitors for 3.5 kv.
  • It is made of solid CRCA Sheet, Epoxy powder coated.
  • Double tube models, imported Philips Ultra violet lamp.
  • Our unique UV blue lights are most effective insect attracting tubes produced by Philips the leading provider of excellent lighting solutions used widely in professional applications. Philips UV tubes are highly, innovative energy- efficient solutions for lighting.  Philips tubes are available in a range of sizes and shatterproof options.
  • Available in three way mounting positions – Hanging, wall mounting and bench mounting.
  • Removable insect collecting tray for easy cleaning.


Height 450mm
Width 552mm
Length 600mm
Power Consumption AC 230v65 Watts
Body Type CRCA Powder Coated, Stainless Steel
Grill Mild Steel, PVC Coated
Power Capacitor 3 kv
Tubes Philips 20Watts X 2 no
Usage Multipurpose ( Wall, Suspension, Bench )
Weight 7 – 8 kg
Application Areas

Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals, Showrooms, Sweet Shops, Food processing units, Kitchens, Dairies, Mess homes, Clubs, Dining Halls, Swimming pool areas, Poultry plants, Laboratories, Operation theaters, Bakeries, Water plants, Canning Industries, fisheries, abattoirs, mineral water plants, distilleries and pharmaceuticals.

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