Stainless Steel Fly Killer

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Kallerians Stainless Steel Fly Killer, the best among all fly killer models in the market, it maintains a hygienic environment, known for durability and reliable performance. It is completely rust free and oil free when compared to CRCA powder coated/Aluminium powder coated machines.

Kallerians new model stainless steel fly killer is suitable for mounting on walls, hanging from the ceiling or as a free standing unit. It is available in 2 different sizes / wattage with domestic SS fly killer 20watts x 2 numbers and ss industrial fly killer 20 watts x 3 numbers. This unique and stylish insect killers not only look good and also work 40 % more efficient attraction than any other ordinary model and thus it doubles more coverage area of around 100 meter squares. The 304 stainless steel finish which is rust free and more suitable food standard certifications like GMP, ISI, Agmark, UL and FDA. It gives more value to the investment since it doesn’t cracks or get rusted or break like plastic fly killers.

Features of Fly Killer.

  • Complete Stainless Steel modern design, safe and effective performance.
  • Made for wall mounting, free standing, hanging applications.
  • Effective coverage of up to 50 square meters.
  • Oil proof, easy to clean.
  • No cracking, fading, and scratching.
  • Unique 304 Stainless Steel design for maximum attraction.
  • fully protected with Teflon rods/sheets.
  • Large removable tray for easy cleaning.


Height 450mm
Width 552mm
Length 600mm
Power Consumption AC 230v65 Watts
Body Type Stainless Steel
Grill Stainless Steel or PVC Coated
Transformer LTHT 3kv
Tubes Philips 20Watts X 2 no
Usage Multipurpose ( Wall, Suspension, Bench )
Weight 12 kg

Application Areas of Fly Killer

Food, Pharma, Agro Products, FMCG, Retail, Beverages, Oils, Warehousing, Logistics, Meat shops, Kitchens, fruit stalls, juice corners, super markets, take-aways, canteens, marriage halls, food processing industries, fisheries, pickle industries, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, casinos and theaters.

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